Ag Beam

Recommended Load Carrying Capacity

Technical spanning and loading specifications are available for both thicknesses of Agbeam but they rely heavily on the methods used to erect the structure.

However there are many examples where Standard (1.15mm) Agbeam has proven capable of carrying a combined weight including fruit, plant and water retention of 7.6kg per square metre over a 22.5 square metre bay. Heavy (1.55mm) Agbeam obviously increases this capacity and is normally used to address larger bay sizes and the heavier crops. 

Other proven methods of increasing load carrying capacity include the use of -
  • 1.85 metre Agbeam Braces designed to reduce the post to post Agbeam span by 1 metre per Brace
  • Standard length Joiners placed directly on top of each post.
  • Longer lengths of Joiner placed on top of each post.

Although beyond our control, we suggest the following as suitable for the Zespri Gold variety under normal conditions using Standard Agbeam and Joiner and standard fixing methods -
  • Canopy area per bay approximately 22.5 square metres.
  • No more than 1.5 metre unsupported overhang on ends.
  • Agbeam placed on top of posts, separated with standard damp-proof course material and secured using either a 150mm Galvanised Flathead nail (with neoprene washer); a tensioned galvanised strap skew nailed into each side of the post; or fixed using an Agbeam Staple (now sourced through specifically designed for this purpose. 

As a very basic guideline using these suggested construction specifications, some 1710 metres of Agbeam are required per hectare along with 61 metres of Joiner material.