Grape-Posts manufactured by ITM provide:

  • A hollow section, galvanised post designed to specifically address the demanding needs of the Viticulture industry.
  • A future proof solution to the issues of sustainability and organic growing / certification.
  • Smooth galvanized surface (no slots or sharp edges), made to consistent specifications and quality (no knots or warping).
  • Eliminates ground leaching and ongoing maintenance problems.
  • Lightweight but strong, suitable options available for both intermediate and end posts.
  • Radius edges to accommodate mechanical harvesting and giving increased surface area in the ground.
  • Unique wire retaining clips (patent pending) giving infinite height adjustment, repeat use or complete removal to facilitate mechanical wire lifting.
  • Polyethylene sealing caps designed to hold irrigation and netting systems.
  • Personal assistance from the placement of your order, manufacture and delivery to your site.