from 6.35mm -
to 203.2mm
in TP304L & TP316L


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Stainless Steel Tube

In 2013, Industrial Tube diversified its product offering to include stainless steel tube, by purchasing an Auckland-based stainless steel manufacturing facility. In 2014, the stainless tube equipment was relocated to a purpose built factory extension situated on the Industrial Tube Hamilton site.

The stainless steel tubular products manufactured by Industrial Tube are predominantly made from austenitic stainless steel. This type of stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance, stable grain structure at all temperatures, and can be easily welded with standard tungsten inert gas (TIG) equipment, without causing hardening.

To produce outstanding quality stainless tubular products, stainless coil is roll formed, TIG welded and the outside diameter precisely sized to meet tolerances defined in specifications or customer requirements. When required, the internal weld upset is rolled flush to the inside surface of the tube (cold worked). This process creates a uniform, smooth internal finish, ideal for hygienic applications. Standard stock and customised lengths are then cut off as the tube exits the manufacturing process. Along with rigorous testing a number of additional processes may be required depending on the standard of the finished product. These include bright polishing, annealing, and surface printing for traceability. Finally, all products are test certified, as required by their appropriate standard.