Carbon Steel Tubing


from 9.5mm
to 101.6mm

Flat Sided Oval

from 19 x 12.7mm 
to 68 x 43mm


from 12.7 x 12.7 
to 65 x 65mm


from 32 x 17mm 
to 32 x 22mm


from 25.4 x 12.7mm 
to 68 x 43mm

The manufacturing process ensures:

  • Tube is formed and finished in a smooth semi bright surface finish, with  internal weld bead not removed.
  • Unless customer specified it is normally milled and stocked in 5.5 metre lengths (NZ), or 6.1 metre lengths (AUS).
  • Supplied with a sheer cut end dimple - 0mm + 50mm.
  • Special Production lengths ex mill available between 4 to 10 metre lengths.
Full specification of finished tubing also available from our Product Catalogue supplied on request.