Exploring the Heart of Steel Manufacturing

29 Jun 2023

Industrial Tube Manufacturing, a long-standing customer of NZ Steel, recently visited the heart of New Zealand steel production. In an effort to deepen their understanding of the manufacturing process of steel manufacturing, Industrial Tube arranged for their staff to visit the iconic Glenbrook Steel Mill.

Accompanied by a team of knowledgeable guides, Industrial Tube’s staff received a comprehensive tour of the Glenbrook Steel Mill. The visit included an introduction to the mill’s rich history, tracing its roots back to its establishment in 1968. From there, the Industrial Tube team witnessed the remarkable transformation of raw materials into the building blocks of modern infrastructure.

The tour highlighted various stages of the manufacturing process, showcasing the advanced technologies and meticulous quality control measures that NZ Steel employs. The Industrial Tube team saw footage of the massive furnaces, making molten steel. They witnessed the process of red-hot slabs being transformed into coils, plates, and sheets, ready to be shaped and used in countless applications.

Throughout the visit, Industrial Tube staff gained insights into the complexities of steel production. They learned about the careful alloying process that imparts specific properties to the steel, ensuring it meets the diverse requirements of various industries. Additionally, they discovered the significant emphasis placed on sustainability, as NZ Steel showcased its commitment to reducing environmental impact through energy efficiency and recycling initiatives.

The firsthand experience of the Glenbrook Steel Mill was greatly appreciated by Industrial Tube’s staff, opening their eyes to the immense effort and ingenuity behind the steel manufacturing process. This visit has strengthened the bond between Industrial Tube and NZ Steel, a strong long-standing partnership.

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