Providing the highest grade of stainless steel

1 Mar 2022

Industrial Tube has manufactured New Zealand-made tube since 1985, and that longevity is reflected in the quality of their products. This commitment to delivering on quality starts with supply chain partners. From the purpose-built tube mill in Hamilton, Industrial Tube manufacture quality steel and stainless tube to meet the growing demands of markets.

“New Zealand’s food and beverage manufacturers are competing on the world stage with their variety of products,” says Industrial Tube Manufacturing’s general manager, Ian Foster. “We’re pleased to be their leading manufacturer of quality, locally-made Hygienic Stainless-Steel Tube right here on New Zealand soil.”

New Zealand’s food and beverage industry demands the highest grade of stainless steel. Industrial Tube Manufacturing continues to invest in production facilities & technology enabling production of quality stainless steel tube which bears the line marking confirming it is ‘ITMNZ HYGIENIC TUBE AS 1528.1’, says Foster.

“Over the past few years our Hygienic Tube has been installed in a number of projects around New Zealand,” says Foster. An example of this is Hamilton based Milktech NZ, who supplies the local and international market.

Industrial Tube works with clients to ensure the correct grade of stainless is selected for an application, and the system is designed with hygiene in mind. Hygiene systems are designed to ensure a smooth flow of the food product though the equipment, avoiding any dead areas that can be difficult to clean. Hygienic design and construction will render the equipment non contaminating and cleanable but can not guarantee sterility as ‘hygienic’ does not necessarily mean ‘bacteria-tight’.

Membership to the Sustainable Steel Council

Working alongside companies such as GEA NZ, Tetrapak, Southern QA, Stainless Works, Stainless Products, Longveld and Spiraweld Stainless, all members of the Sustainable Steel Council, Industrial Tube’s businesses approach is focused on sustainability. Hygiene stainless steel products are 100% recyclable, reusable and up-cyclable. It is estimated at a newly manufactured stainless-steel object will have an average recycled content of about 80%, made of reclaimed scrap and industrial scrap.

Industrial Tube is passionate about supporting New Zealand manufacturing, engineering, agricultural and horticultural sectors – delivering steel and stainless products in a sustainable manner, that have purpose.

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