State-of-the-art tube manufacturing technology brought to Waikato

9 Mar 2023

A Waikato-based steel tube manufacturing company has taken its next step in innovation, bringing state-of-the-art stainless and carbon steel tube processing services to New Zealand.

Industrial Tube key account manager Jared Knapp says New Zealand manufacturers are always looking for more efficient ways to do business, and there has been a strong demand for an advanced tube processing service in the country for some time.

It led Industrial Tube to import an innovative 3D steel tube laser from Italy, which has been operational in the company’s Hamilton plant since April 2022.

The engineers at Industrial Tube have found it interesting learning to work with the new equipment.

“The cutting process is fully automatic, which guarantees high quality and accurate cuts. It really has been a game changer in terms of what we can achieve,” says general manager Ian Foster.

“With better accuracy, we’re also minimising waste in the factory and closer to achieving our sustainability goals.”

Industrial Tube offer services such as 3D laser cutting, CNC Drilling, duburring, tapering, swaging and telescoping of carbon steel tube, pre galvanised steel tube and stainless steel tube.

Known as ‘Pro-Tube services’, Industrial Tube works with design engineers and manufacturers in a wide range of industries, providing a steel tubing solution, whether it’s a one-off design or mass-produced components.

A design is first created for each job in 3D using CAD software. Then the LT7 Tube Laser is used to process round, square, rectangle and open profile tubes, or either carbon, pre-galvanized, or stainless steel.

“With the market demanding efficiency, versatility and extreme attention to detail, investment in automation and innovation has been a key focus for our business,” says Mr Foster.

“Pro-Tube raises the bar in terms of what’s possible in tube processing and manufacturing. New technology like this, coupled with the experience and knowledge of our engineers, means we can deliver more options and alternatives to New Zealand businesses that are seeking high-quality, customised components.

“We’re really excited about this new technology and the opportunities it will bring to businesses in New Zealand and further abroad.”

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